Delegation from Naresuan University, Thailand visits Shinshu University

On 28th-29th March 2023, Associate Professor Dr. Sarintip Tantanee, The President of Naresuan University (NU), Kingdom of Thailand, led the NU administrative team comprising (i) Professor Dr. Kornkanok Ingkaninan, Vice President for Research and Innovation Development; (ii) Dr. Yutthapong Tongpob, Assistant to the President for Research and Innovation Development; (iii) Assistant Professor Lieutenant Dr. Saisiri Merasena, Dean of Faculty of Medical Science; (iv) Associate Professor Dr. Sutisa Thanoi Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Medical Science; (v) Associate Professor Dr. Sukunya Ross, Assistant Dean for Public Relations and International Affairs, Faculty of Science; (vi) Assistant Professor Dr. Usa Padgate, Assistant to the President for International Affairs; (vii) Associate Professor Dr. Krongkarn Chootip, Dean of Graduate School; and (viii) Assistant Professor Dr. Piriya Narukhutrpichai, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, in a visit to Shinshu University (SU), Matsumoto and Nagano campuses, Japan

On the first day of the visit (28th March 2023), the NU delegates discussed with Professor Dr. Soichiro Nakamura, President of SU, and the SU administrative team (including Professor Dr. Shinichi Yonekura, Vice-President for International Planning and Strategy) at Matsumoto campus for (i) continuing a strong university-level agreement between both universities, (ii) promoting the existing strong relationship with the Faculty of Engineering; (iii) expanding further research and academic collaborations (especially, the Faculties of Medicine, Sciences, Medical Science, Humanities and Social Science), (iv) exchanging research students and academic staffs as well as creation of internships, and (v) creating potential joint symposia and research projects.

Additionally, the NU delegates visited School of Medicine with the intermediation of Professor Dr. Naoki Tanaka (Presenter), and Professor Dr. Yuji Shiba (Biomedical Lab tour); Faculty of Sciences led by Professor Dr. Hirosuke Tatsumi (Presenter), Lab tour: Professor Dr. Kohki Yoshida (Dean), Professor Dr. Dai Tamaki (the next Dean), Professor Dr. Igor Trushin.

Nevertheless, the NU team visited Faculty of Engineering and the laboratories under the attentive guidance of Professor Dr. Yoshihiko Amano (Dean), Special Emeritus Professor Dr. Morinobu Endo, Professor Dr. Kiyoshi Tanaka (former Vice-President), Professor Toshiro Sato (Council Member), Professor Dr. Mizue Kayama (Council Member), Professor Dr. Nobuhiko Henmi (Director of International Relations), Professor Dr. Toshio Sakai (Vice-Director of International Relations), Associate Professor Dr. Makoto Abe, Associate Professor Dr. Masakazu Kataoka, and Assistant Professor Dr. Satomi Tagawa. Following the laboratory visit, the NU team paid a courtesy call to Senior Assistant Professor Dr. Mitsuru Hamano and Assistant Professor Dr. Amanda Schuetze at Center for Global Education and Collaboration.

On the second day (29th March 2023), the NU delegation discussed further research projects with the Faculty of Engineering in Nagano campus. Professor Dr. Henmi gave a fantastic presentation about the long-standing partnership , illustrated with memorable photographs showing many of the events and people concerned leading to a lively series of wonderful discussion and great collaboration. The meeting was also attended by Special Emeritus Professor Dr. Endo, who was awarded an honorary doctorate by Naresuan University in 2015. The following Research Group Labs were then visited: Abe RGL, Amano-Mizuno-Tagawa RGL, Kataoka RGL and the International Center for Science and Innovation (AICS).

The two parties made plans to discuss the possibility of further cooperation in detail. After a pleasant conversation, the delegates took a commemorative photo together.

NU wishes to express deep appreciation to all SU staff for their heartwarming welcome as well as for the fruitful discussions conducted during the visit. Impactful collaborations and efficient networks are anticipated as a result of this visit.

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March 28-29, 2023